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More information on the PromoART Affiliate Program, its peculiarities and benefits for Partners.
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PromoART - Affiliate FAQ

Make Money with PromoART


How much do I earn?
PromoART will pay a 20% commission on the registration of every new affiliate referred to PromoART from you website.

How will I receive payment?
We have 2 payment options: pay pal and wire transfer. Once your Partner account balance is $50 or greater, we will send you payment via PayPal. If you wish to receive payment directly to your bank account the minimum payout is $300. Payment will be issued before the 10th day of the month.

Can I purchase photos of women for the commissions earned from Affiliate Program?
Yes. On your request, the commissions earned from the Affiliate Program can be transferred to your account balance, so that you can purchase and download women models photos at PromoART.

Can I refer myself?
No, sorry.

How do I check my referral commissions?
Full statistics are provided in your User Account area.


How does PromoART track purchases of users from my web site?
PromoART uses a secure cookie to track all users who click-through to PromoART website. Using this cookie, we can match each referrer with your site domain or a unique tracking code.


How do I start?
Easy! Simply click here to register .

If you have already registered as a member, you can take the following steps:

* Go to your personal profile and click on the Affiliate Program link
* Add your site(s) details (URL-keys)
* Provide your payment details
* Place a link to PromoART.com at your site(s).

What do I need in order to register?
Just some contact info, an email address, and where you would like us to send your commission.

What if I operate multiple web sites (or domains)?
No problem! You just have to add these websites during initial registration process or you can always add them later. As soon as your websites are reviewed and approved you can place links on your websites and earn commissions!


Where are the links I need to add to my web site?
When linking to PromoART website, you DO NOT need to embed an affiliate tracking code. Instead, you can simply add your site domain to our unique tracking system from within your Partner Account Interface. Once you add your site domain, we will be able to recognize and commission your account for all click-through referrals.

What if I need additional assistance with implementing links or affiliating my site domain?
We are here to help and would be happy to answer any questions you may have. For any other questions, you can contact us here .