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PromoART - How it Works

What is PromoART?
PromoART specializes in creative stock photography as well as custom photo shoots for unique photos. PromoART offers professionals stock photos featuring female beauty and sexual appeal, and custom photo shoots, which are a possible alternative to hiring a photographer and models. PromoART guarantees the quality and uniqueness of the images offered, so if you are tired of searching through a vast stock of similar images, you have come to the right place.

How does PromoART work?
PromoART offers low-priced royalty free women pictures, which you can purchase with your account balance. After putting a deposit at your account balance, you can download our images at the inexpensive rate which depends on the size of the photo downloaded. To put a deposit at your account balance you need to register.

There is also a Partner Program for users who bring new affiliates to PromoART.com from their sites. Partners will be paid a commission for every new affiliate referred from their site. The average commission is around 20 %. You can read more about our affiliate program here.

To receive an exclusive photo with a model and setting of your choice, you can order custom photo shoots. Custom photo shoots are a low-cost alternative with expert result when compared to hiring a photographer and models. Learn more about custom photo shoots here.

Is PromoART free to join?
Yes, PromoART is free to join. Join right now!

How does an account balance work?
An account balance is activated when you put a first deposit to it. One monetary unit at your PromoART account balance equals one US dollar ($1). Every time you download a photo(s), the payment for the photo is deduced from your account balance.

What licenses does PromoART offer?
PromoART offers a royalty free license for all its stock images. A royalty free image means that the price of the image is the same whatever the time of use and the number of prints. Thus, when you buy a girl picture under a royalty free license, you can use this image without limit of time and without limit of number of uses.

Moreover, if you want a level of exclusivity from an image, you can purchase the exclusive buyout license. However, you should note that this image of a women model may have been sold before. PromoART promises to never sell it again if you purchase the exclusive buyout license. To request the exclusive buyout license for a certain photo, please, contact us.

How do I search for images?
There are two easy methods to search for images of women on PromoART. First, you can enter a keyword(s) in the search box and click on the go button. Second, you can select a category search link under the search box. Each search option should display a number of images for you to choose from.

How do I buy images?
It is easy to buy images on PromoART. Just follow these instructions:
  • Step 1 : Open a PromoART account
  • Step 2 : Make a deposit to your account balance following the instructions via credit card, Paypal, or Wire Transfer
  • Step 3 : Download an image(s)

The payment for the image will be deduced from your account balance after the downloading has been completed.

What do I do if I clicked to download a photo and it never came to me but PromoART reduced my account balance?
If PromoART has reduced your account balance, our website has considered this a purchased photo. You may see a list of all downloaded photos on the “Downloads” page of your PromoART account. You will be able to download the photo again at no charge within 24 hours of the original purchase.

Am I required to add copyright information when I use a photo from PromoART?
No, it is not required to add the copyright information to your website or document when you use a PromoART photo; however, it is always appreciated. The only time we require copyright information to be added is when the image is being used in conjunction with editorial use such as a newspaper or magazine story.

Here is the correct method to add copyright information: photographer name © PromoART. This information may be put on the photo itself or on a special page. The copyright is displayed during the download of an image.

Please note: local laws may require, copyright information in some circumstance please check your local law to be sure.

May I resell an image I purchased on PromoART?
No, none of our licenses allow you to resell or transfer the rights of the license of the photo. You can only sell the work you made for your direct client but they won’t have the right to remove the photo from the work for another use. If your client wants to freely use the image, they will have to buy the correct license on PromoART.

Does my account balance expire? If so, how long do I have before I must use it?
All account balances will be good for 1 year from date of activation or from the date of the last deposit.

How do I close my account?
Please, log into your account and click on “Contact us” to request a close of your account. Your account will be closed within 24 hours.